MotorVeh_45259896During our lifetimes, most of us will be involved in a motor vehicle collision in which we, or others, suffer serious injuries – especially in busy cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale. Tragically, some of these car accidents or truck accidents will result in the death of a loved one.  The physical, emotional and economic consequences of such motor vehicle collisions can be staggering.

We represent both operators and passengers injured in motor vehicle collisions, whether caused by the negligent operation of a private passenger vehicle, commercial vehicle, or semi-tractor trailer.

Paula, a nineteen-year-old college student and avid soccer player, was a passenger with her friend in a vehicle on Interstate I-10 near Quartzite, Arizona, when an 18-wheel semi-tractor trailer collided with her vehicle. Paula suffered a “Hangman’s” type fracture to her cervical spine. Fortunately, she recovered. Her settlement gave her the freedom to continue her education without worrying about future medical care costs.