Often people who call us have never worked with an attorney. Typically, you may expect the following when you contact our firm.

You will first be greeted by our paralegal who will obtain basic information about the accident or incident. We will then follow up with you to obtain further information and will then schedule an in-person meeting in our offices. If you are not able to travel to our offices in Scottsdale, we will meet with you in a more convenient location. We will strive to accommodate your work, medical treatment and/or educational schedule.

Our in-­person meetings and phone consultations are typically complimentary. Our fee is usually a contingent fee and recovered only at the conclusion of your case, from the settlement or judgment proceeds, and only if we successfully recover a settlement or judgment on your behalf. We typically advance all costs associated with pursuing your case, and recover those costs only upon the conclusion of your case from the settlement or judgment proceeds.  Any contingent fee charged is computed before expenses are deducted from the recovery.

Contact us at 480.970.3000 or by filling out the form below. (Please understand that any email you send does not create an attorney-client relationship until you have formally retained our firm).