Many of our clients have suffered serious and in some cases fatal injuries as a result of negligent conduct by homeowners, both while upon and away from the insured home. These include:

  • Injuries arising out of structural defects and other dangerous conditions on the homeowner’s property;
  • Injuries from falling trees;
  • Injuries involving intoxicated house guests (provided the guest is under the legal drinking age);
  • Any negligent act of a homeowner or member of the homeowner’s family, whether the injury occurred at or away from the insured home;
  • Drownings and near drownings.

In Arizona, drownings remain a recurrent and completely preventable tragedy. Arizona is one of the top states for pool and spa drownings, usually involving children, with a prevalence of nearly twice the national average. Often times, drownings are a direct result of lack of parental or other adult supervision, lack of effective preventive pool and spa barriers, or a combination of the two. And often, other individuals besides the homeowner may be legally at fault, such as in the case of a common pool managed by a homeowner’s association, management company, or contractor when a pool barrier (fencing and locked gate) is defective, not code compliant or otherwise negligently installed.