We aggressively litigate cases against drunk drivers and bars and restaurants who overserve them. We pursue clams for both compensatory damages and, if warranted, punitive damages against all responsible individuals and entities. If appropriate, we also assist our clients as their victim attorney in the corresponding criminal proceedings brought against the drunk driver who seriously injured our clients.

A man was drinking at a Scottsdale bar with his wife and two friends. The bar served the man and his companions approximately forty-six alcoholic drinks during their several-hour stay at the bar. As the man left the bar, the bartender handed him his keys, because the bar’s valet service had just closed. A witness reported that the man staggered out of the bar toward the parking lot. Just ten minutes later, the man caused a head-on collision with our client Robert, a real estate agent, who was driving his vehicle northbound on Scottsdale Road. Robert suffered a comminuted fracture to his left femur which did not heal correctly, even after three orthopedic surgeries. The drunk driver had a blood alcohol concentration of nearly three times the legal limit. The lawsuit ultimately settled on confidential terms. The litigation forced the bar to evaluate its practices regarding service of alcohol and to improve how it monitors its customers’ alcohol consumption. The drunk driver will never forget what he endured as a result of the lawsuit.