Fires and explosions can cause devastating burn injuries and death. As some of the best burn injury attorneys in Arizona, we pursue civil remedies against all responsible parties when another individual or business negligently caused a fire or explosion.  This process often involves determining the cause and origin of the fire or explosion, an analysis of the statutory, regulatory and industry practice norms that have been violated, and a careful analysis of our clients’ past and future damages, because burn victims frequently have life-long medical care needs.

Gloria, a woman in her early 70’s, was enjoying the weekend in her son’s cabin in Alpine, Arizona.  During her stay, the cabin suffered a liquid propane leak and exploded, severely burning her.  Gloria remained in the hospital for several months with burn injuries over much of her body.  Unknown to Gloria at the time, LP gas leaked out of an uncapped pipe that the cabin’s contractor neglected to seal during construction.  The LP gas company failed to red tag and disable the regulator to the LP tank, which had not yet undergone an NFPA leak check and pressure test and was not yet ready to be placed into operation.  The case resolved on confidential terms.

Mike, a lawyer in his early 50’s, was enjoying a Sunday afternoon grilling in his backyard when his grill exploded, causing serious burn injuries.  Mike retained our firm to represent him against various entities involved in the manufacture and sale of the grill and its component parts.  Mike alleged in the lawsuit that the grill and certain parts were defectively manufactured.  With the case now behind him, Mike returned to work, concentrating on his own cases as a practicing attorney.