MotocycleMotorcyclists face unique hazards and challenges that are often not encountered by operators of four-wheeled vehicles.  Their legal needs are usually extensive following a motorcycle/motor vehicle collision, because they often suffer life-altering injuries greatly affecting their ability to work, play, and live their lives in a normal fashion.  As Scottsdale motorcycle accident lawyers, we represent motorcyclists, and the families of motorcyclists, on liability claims and lawsuits involving both serious and fatal injuries arising out of motorcycle collisions.

Sally, a woman from Coolidge, Arizona, was a passenger on a motorcycle when the driver of a commercial van turned into her, causing a collision.  Sally fractured her left tibia in several places and underwent extensive orthopedic reconstructive surgery to repair her badly injured leg.  The driver of the van and her employer actually blamed Sally and the operator of the motorcycle for causing the collision!   Sally retained our firm to file suit against the responsible driver and her employer, seeking compensation for her past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, and general damages to make her life, at least financially, somewhat easier in the years ahead.  Her case resolved on confidential terms.

Jeff, a nineteen-year old college student, was riding his motorcycle westbound on Highway 260 in Show Low, Arizona when a woman driving a large SUV pulled out from a private drive and collided with him.  Tragically, Jeff died in the collision.  Jeff’s mother retained our firm to represent her on a wrongful death lawsuit.  Our accident reconstructionist completed a perception/reaction analysis and determined that the responsible motorist had more than ample time to see Jeff and avoid the collision.  The resolution of the lawsuit allowed Jeff’s mother to better understand what happened to her son and offered some closure after his death.