Each year, many pharmacies across the country misfill a medication prescription.  Often this is due to the drug that was prescribed having a confusingly similar name to the drug actually dispensed, like:

  • Zyrtec/Zyprexa
  • Vinblastine/Vincristine
  • Celebrex/Cerebyx/Celexa
  • Clonidine/Clonazepam
  • Tramadol/Trazodone/Toradol[/one_half_last]

Sometimes pharmacists do not properly read the prescription, or dispense the wrong dosage or quantity of the medication than that prescribed.  Sometimes pharmacy technicians input the wrong medication or dosage into the pharmacy computer system.  Sometimes the pharmacist does not provide the appropriate new prescription counseling to the patient before allowing the medication to leave the pharmacy for the first time, or worse yet, none at all.  The results can be fatal.  We seek accountability for prescription misfills resulting in serious harm.