Some of our clients have suffered injuries on the property of others, due to a dangerous condition on the property. This can occur at a home or at a commercial business (hotel, restaurant, bar, or other place open to the public). The property owner owes a duty to maintain its property free from unreasonably dangerous conditions – especially when it is open to members of the public, and the business receives a financial benefit from opening its doors to the public; what the law refers to as a “business invitee.”

Bruce and Jane decided to celebrate Bruce’s recent retirement by purchasing a recreational vehicle and touring the country. When they walked into the lobby of a local RV dealer, a dog owned by the dealership jumped up on Bruce, breaking his finger and inflicting deep lacerations to his hand and forearm. Unknown to Bruce at the time, the dog had bitten two other people before biting him. The dealer’s employees never told Bruce about the dog biting others and did not take precautions to keep the dog away from Bruce. The case resolved on confidential terms.