The only part of this process we do NOT enjoy is not fulfilling every application! Fortunately, due to the generosity of an Anonymous donor, we are awarding extra stipends this round. Congratulations to the following:

  • Amy Adams, Coronado High School
  • Samantha Ayala, Yavapai Elementary School
  • Abbey Bobbett, Pima Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Buchanan, Cheyenne Traditional School
  • Maria E. DeVenuto, Tavan Elementary School
  • Katie Erickson, Ingleside Middle School
  • Holly Heffhalm, Redfield Elementary School
  • Sam Litt, Saguaro High School
  • Kimberly Maryhew, Tonalea Middle School
  • Alissa Wahl, Navajo Elementary School 

Most SUSD educators spend their own money on classroom supplies. WANT TO HELP? We have a stack of applicants seeking your assistance. If you’re interested in helping a local teacher, contact us:

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