This past weekend we reviewed 125+ stipend applications. We typically award stipends to 10 teachers (5/semester) for classroom supplies. This semester, 23 teachers will receive stipends thanks to the generous support of the following: 

 Crozier Family / PC Enterprises * Dimitruck Family * Najafi Family

Papetti Samuels Weiss

Thank you to all the teachers who applied. It’s always incredibly difficult narrowing down the recipients. Congratulations to the following:

  1. Alexa Daughin, Echo Canyon School
  2. Judy Droz, Sequoya Elementary School
  3. Amber Emr, Ingleside Middle School
  4. Brandi Firth, Hohokam Elementary School
  5. Gina Fries, Mohave Middle School
  6. Claren Gustkey, Chaparral High School
  7. Julie Jimenez, Tonalea K-8 School
  8. Fred Kass, Laguna Elementary School
  9. Susan Lindberg, Saguaro High School
  10. Julia Maisel, Navajo Elementary School
  11. Raelynne Merkley, Navajo Elementary School
  12. Kim Meyer, Tavan Elementary School
  13. Griselda Miglino, Ingleside Middle School
  14. Daman Mullins, Coronado High School
  15. Stephanie Muszynski, Tonalea K8 School
  16. Ira D. Pincus, Mountainside Middle School
  17. Briana Reed, Tonalea K8 School
  18. Johanna Rose-Kamprath, Redfield Elementary School
  19. Trish Simmons, Navajo Elementary School
  20. Jesse Torres, Tavan Elementary School
  21. Marin Velarde, Echo Canyon School
  22. Jessica Walsh, SCORE Program, Arcadia High School
  23. Michelle Zaigler, Hohokam Elementary School

SUSD employs approximately 1,500 educators. Most teachers spend their own money to create an optimal learning environment. WANT TO HELP? We have a stack of applicants who are seeking your assistance. If you’re interested in helping a local teacher, contact us:

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